Welcome to the website of the national and regional commissioners at the University of Wuppertal!

The Rectorate first started appointing national and regional commissioners for various key countries and regions in 2012. Their goal is to bundle the diverse academic relationships between the BUW and other universities and institutions abroad and to provide them with sustainable support. The national and regional clusters were selected on the basis of defined quality standards, the activities preferred and the potential of the key areas for future projects. Because of their regional competence, the national and regional commissioners function as contacts and multipliers both internally and externally.

Along with the visibility of partnerships and activities, the respective cluster also focuses on networking between university teachers. In this context, regular national workshops provide an opportunity for exchange and the interdisciplinary initiation of new project ideas. All university teachers with an interest in this topic are warmly invited to these meetings.

The current national and regional commissioners are:


Prof. Dr. Alexander Schnell


Prof. Dr. Ursula Kocher


Prof. Dr. Jochen Johrendt


Prof. Per Jensen (Ph.D.)


Prof. Per Jensen (Ph.D.)


Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Prof. Dr. Petra Buchwald

You will find more information about the key countries and regions on their respective national/regional web pages together with the commissioners’ contact information. These web pages are still under construction; please be patient while we enter all the relevant information.

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